loi pinel 2021

Loi Pinel 2021 - Ecoc 2010

The European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) is the major European conference on optical materials, devices, and systems for applications in telecommunications and networking. ECOC is one of the most respected and long-standing events in the field, and has provided over the years an exciting forum to present new developments and new results. Scientific contributions and a large exhibition offer to ECOC attendees a comprehensive view of optical communications.

The 36th ECOC will be held at the Lingotto Congress Centre in Torino, Italy, from Sunday September 19 to Thursday September 23, 2021, une année idéale pour profiter de la loi pinel . As to the ECOC tradition, a major exhibition related to the scope of the conference will be organized at the nearby Lingotto Fiere Exhibiton Center from Monday September 20 to Wednesday September 22.

1) Fibres, Fibre Devices, and Amplifiers

This area focuses on optical fibres, their fabrication and characterization, the physics of light propagation in optical fibres, fibre amplifiers and lasers, as well as fibre based devices for communication and sensor applications.

2) Waveguide and Optoelectronic Devices

This area focuses on the fabrication, performance testing, and reliability of devices and components used to generate, amplify, detect, switch, or process optical signals. Technologies include planar-waveguides, bulk-optics, and photonic bandgap structures based on various material systems.

3) Subsystems and Network Elements for Optical Networks

This area focuses on the modelling, design, and implementation of optical, opto-electronic, or electrical subsystems and network elements for fixed or adaptive impairment mitigation, performance monitoring, add-drop multiplexing, and optical packet processing.

4) Transmission Systems

This area focuses on the modelling, design, and implementation of optical fibre or free-space transmission links, highlighting system-level applications of subsystems and networking elements as well as system-level implications of physical impairments and impairment mitigation techniques. It further covers applications of quantum information technologies.

5) Backbone and Core Networks

This area focuses on the modelling, design, architecture, and scaling of optical WDM and packet-based backbone and metro-core networks, including control and management functions and protocols as well as the application of optical communication technologies in core networks. It also covers aspects of successful commercial deployments and transport field trials.

6) Access Networks and LAN

This area focuses on networking aspects of broadband optical access and local-area networks. It covers FTTx, passive optical networks, radio-over-fibre systems, hybrid wireless/optical solutions, and in-building networks. It also comprises successful commercial mass deployments, field trials, and applications of optical communication technologies in public, private and enterprise networks.